• Saturday, October 20, 2012

    G-Dragon was successful at the job interview for ‘Moohan Sangsa’ speeding right by Gil.
    On the September 29th installment of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’, G-Dragon applied for a position at Moohan Sangsa and passed the job interviews with flying colors landing the job.
    On the day of the job interviews, intern Gil showed up looking sharp and very ready for the interview. Gil was even wearing a wig to improve his appearance. Gil was going through the job interviews for the 4th year so it was a meaningful day for him. Jung Hyung Don pointed out, “What kind of company has an intern for 3 and a half years?”
    Park Myung Soo the interviewer said to Yoo Jae Suk, “Gil has been here for a long long time so let’s try and be nice.” Jung Joon Ha added, “Spending time together has become an instinct.”
    Gil did quite well on the ad lib portion of the interview but G-Dragon was full of confidence and ended up beating Gil out for the job. Poor Gil ended up as an intern yet again.


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