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  • Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Ice Queen Kim Yuna's real appearance at home through candid camera Kim Yuna's first variety show on ice! Taking up the challenge as an MC! And solo performance on ice! Brilliant performance on ice by the 10 stars * Kim Byung Man, Yunho, Suh Ji Suk, Lee Kyu Hyuk, Park Joon Geum, Lee Ah Hyun, Son Dambi, Jin Ji Hee * Like a captivating red rose! Exuding femininity is Krystal! * Explosion of cuteness! Shaking up the ice is IU's cute performance! (Note: The lines describing each of the other members of the cast were omitted) Korea's top idol stars falling~ getting up~ slipping~! Their harsh training process in the past two months and innermost feelings and thoughts revealed! The reason for their participation on 'Kiss and Cry'...?

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